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title: Best Forex Turn-Key Auto Trading Platform
description: Our forex trading platform will assist the traders for technical analysis. Check our online trading platform to trade in Forex market properly. Our forex trading software will for sure take your business to another level.

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  • VertexFX platform is one of the most important trading platforms...

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      															VertexFX11 Physical Trading (Bullion Trading)					

      Hybrid Solutions is pleased to announce the New Bullion Trading through VertexFX 11 Terminals.

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      Social Trading

      VertexFX traders can become signal providers by broadcasting their trading signals and sharing it with their followers, to copy thier trades.

      Read more

      Limited VertexFX Binary Options Offer

      Equip your system with the latest modules of VertexFX and attract a new portion of traders to your VertexFX system NOW.

      Read more

      VertexFX11 Backtesting

      Like in any other business, the experience is the key in order to be successful in forex trading.

      Read more

      Social poster

      Share your trading experience and post on your favourite social media platform like Facebook and Twitter accounts to automatically Post/Tweet your trading activities to social networks.

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      MarketCloud The New Generation Of Online Trading Business

      MarketCloud, alliance of Forex software pioneers Hybrid Solutions is pleased to announce a new generation of online business. Cloud based trading platform, MarketCloud has been upgraded with new features that sets out to fix the two main problems in the Forex industry, time and money.

      Read More

      Best Forex Turn-Key Auto Trading Platform       عربي | русский | हिंदी | English | اردو |   

      Welcome to Hybrid Solutions, the software vendor for VertexFX multi-level Online and Auto Trading Platform used in the Forex and global markets by:

      Dealing Rooms Liquidity Providers Exchanges Market Makers Brokerage Firms

      Our state-of-the-art Online Trading Platform, VertexFX Trader, is one of the most friendly, reliable and secure online trading platforms and is ideal for all of STP and OTC business models.

      VertexFX Trader has a closed-loop trading structure with Backoffice dealing desk, Client Terminals, Dedicated Hosting, White Labelling and Bridging Capabilities. Through  VertexFX Risk Management Bridge, you can perform auto clearing with Liquidity Providers.

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      Latest News Server Unplanned Incident:SOLVED Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for any inconvenience during the Unplanned... Unplanned Event On AMS01...Dear Valued Customer,

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      VertexFX platform is one of the most important trading platforms... Which Forex auto trading platform is the best

      Which Forex auto trading platform is the best Before we start discussing which Forex auto...

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      Latest Plugins Day ChannelDescription: “Day Channel” is a VertexFX indicator that marks short term support resistance levels for intraday trading. It consists ...Kase Peak OscillatorDescription: Kase Peak Oscillator is a VertexFX VTL indicator that is made of statistical observation of prices over the last KPeriod ...PTL Perfect Trend LinesDescription: Perfect Trend Lines, PTL, is a short-term trend trading indicator. The lines showing the trend in this indicator are not ... Check All Plugins Most Reviewed Plugins VertexFX BridgeDescription: VertexFX Risk Management Bridge is a back end software used to connect your VertexFX system to another one for clearing an ...VertexFX News Trader 11Description: Never miss out news trading opportunities again! VertexFX auto News Trader for VertexFX 11 is a unique trading plugin tha ...VertexFX Margin CallDescription: *We have reviewed our prices for the next two months. Take the opportunity and get our plugins in a very competative price ... Featured Plugins STARC BandsDescription: Stoller Average Range Bands – STARC Bands – is a VertexFX indicator used in trend trading where a range breakout is cons ...Smoothed WPRDescription: Smoothed WPR indicator is a powerful VertexFx indicator script that provides insights into the market trend and reversal ...Ichimoku AlertDescription: Ichimoku Alert is based on the Ichimoku Cloud charts. This is a simplified VTL Alert based on price crossing the Kijun S ... About Us

      Established in 2002, Hybrid Solutions provides FOREX Online Trading Platform. Hybrid Solutions has adopted the latest technologies and international standards to develop its Online Trading Platform, VertexFX.

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